New Whale Scout Podcast with Dr. Brad Hanson


Interview with Dr. Brad Hanson, plus news and more
This week we are talking all things orca!  Over the last couple of weeks we have had many sightings of killer whales (orcas) including an unusual visit from our resident group, K pod.  K pod traveled all the way down Puget Sound through the Narrows!  Dr. Brad Hanson, killer whale researcher with NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center, was on the water with K pod that day and is our guest on the show.  Listen as he talks about what K pod may have been doing in Puget Sound along with the latest updates on his research.  Plus, news and upcoming events, including how you can get involved with Whale Scout Helpin’ Out at North Creek Forest on May 10th!  If you love the podcast, please link it elsewhere and help spread the word! Thank you everyone!


Photo Courtesy: Brad Hanson