Sound Action’s New Underwater Orca Camera – Amy Carey

Learn all about Sound Action’s new project – an underwater camera! This video and audio live-stream will hopefully capture orcas at a popular whale watching spot, Point Robinson, which is also an aquatic reserve in south Puget Sound. Executive Director, Amy Carey shares her personal story coming to protect endangered orcas and the work that […]

Upcoming Film, Searching for Chinook with Alexandra Johnston

Executive Producer and Presenter Alexandra Johnston joins the Whale Scout podcast to share an update on the upcoming film, Searching for Chinook. Footage was captured during the dramatic summer of 2018 on San Juan Island when J35 Tahlequah lost and carried her dead calf on a “tour of grief” and J50 Scarlet slowly and tragically […]

Feds Won’t Remove Snake River Dams for Salmon, Orcas – Now What? Next steps with Joseph Bogaard

The federal government decided in July of 2020 to keep the four lower Snake River dams in place, knowingly turning against the best option for salmon recovery and for the benefit of endangered Southern Resident killer whales in desperate need of additional prey resources. With this long-awaited and expensive federal already decision made, where do […]

Researchers’ firsthand accounts of Tahlequah’s new calf, cause for celebration or concern?

Possibly the best news story of all of 2020, J35 Tahlequah gives birth to a new calf, just two years after her “tour of grief” where she carried a deceased baby 17 days and over 1,000 miles. We talk with Dave Ellifrit and Katie Jones of the Center for Whale Research who were both on […]

Connecting Orca Science, Policy, and the Community: NOAA’s New Southern Resident Connections Blog

Sarah Fesenmyer and Michael Milstein of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration share a new blog series called “Southern Resident Connections.” The blog aims to connect the public with new and exciting research on the endangered Southern Resident killer whales and ways everyone can be involved. Hear about inspiring habitat restoration projects, microplastics found in […]

Orca Month Book Club Recap Discussion with Colleen Weiler and Whitney Neugebauer

Following interviews with the authors of Orca: The Whale Called Killer, Listening to Whales: What the Orcas Have Taught us, and Endangered Orcas: The Story of the Southern Residents, your Orca Month Book Club co-hosts Whitney Neugebauer and Colleen Weiler discuss all three books. They compare notes, offer insights and personal experiences, and share hope […]

Orca Month Book Club with Monika Wieland Shields, author of Endangered Orcas: The Story of the Southern Residents

Learn more from Monika Wieland Shields as she discusses her book, Endangered Orcas: The Story of the Southern Residents. This in-depth book takes a deep dive into the history of our interactions with Southern Resident killer whales, their biology, and current threats to their survival. Perfect for the beginner just dipping their toes into the […]

Orca Month Book Club Interview with Alexandra Morton, Author of Listening to Whales

Hear from Alexandra Morton, author of Listening to Whales: What the Orcas Have Taught Us. The book chronicles her life and the story of raising a young family following Northern Resident orcas in British Columbia. Beginning studying dolphin communication, then the captive killer whale Corky, and finally Corky’s family in the wild, Alexandra Morton weaves […]

Orca Month Book Club with Erich Hoyt, author of Orca: The Whale Called Killer

Celebrating virtual Orca Month, join the Orca Month Book Club! Read three great orca books: Orca: The Whale Called Killer by Erich Hoyt, Listening to Whales, What the Orcas Have Taught Us by Alexandra Morton, and Endangered Orcas: The Story of the Southern Residents by Monika Wieland Shields. To jump start your reading, Colleen Weiler […]

Do-it-yourself walk-a-thon for the whales. Join Ariel Yseth’s Summer Salmon Run!

Looking for a way to help the whales AND stay in shape at home this summer? Join Ariel Yseth’s Summer Salmon Run! Choose an orca or salmon-related group to support and start your own run or walk-a-thon. This new effort is modeled after Ariel’s past fundraisers where she’s raised over $1,000 to run 365 miles […]