Feds Won’t Remove Snake River Dams for Salmon, Orcas – Now What? Next steps with Joseph Bogaard

The federal government decided in July of 2020 to keep the four lower Snake River dams in place, knowingly turning against the best option for salmon recovery and for the benefit of endangered Southern Resident killer whales in desperate need of additional prey resources. With this long-awaited and expensive federal already decision made, where do […]

Researchers’ firsthand accounts of Tahlequah’s new calf, cause for celebration or concern?

Possibly the best news story of all of 2020, J35 Tahlequah gives birth to a new calf, just two years after her “tour of grief” where she carried a deceased baby 17 days and over 1,000 miles. We talk with Dave Ellifrit and Katie Jones of the Center for Whale Research who were both on […]