Let’s learn about salmon together. In order to protect killer whales in Puget Sound we must understand what’s threatening our salmon and take action. Jeanette Dorner from Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group will be joining us on this and future podcasts to help everyone learn more about salmon.

Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group is a nonprofit organization that works in King and eastern Kitsap counties to maximize self-sustaining salmon populations through community engagement. We work cooperatively with landowners, governments, businesses, Tribes and other nonprofits to identify, design and implement projects that improve salmon habitat in the rivers and streams that sustain us all. As a nonprofit, Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group receives support from the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the generosity of private businesses, organizations and citizens like you.

If you have questions about salmon you want answered by Jeanette, email info@whalescout.org.

If there are folks that do want to get in touch with Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group to be on the volunteer list, email info@midsoundfisheries.org. If you are from a different part of Washington state Mid Sound Fisheries will get in contact with one of the sister enhancement groups.