Feds Won’t Remove Snake River Dams for Salmon, Orcas – Now What? Next steps with Joseph Bogaard

The federal government decided in July of 2020 to keep the four lower Snake River dams in place, knowingly turning against the best option for salmon recovery and for the benefit of endangered Southern Resident killer whales in desperate need of additional prey resources. With this long-awaited and expensive federal already decision made, where do we go from here? What steps can be taken to recover salmon in the Columbia and Snake River? We talk with Joseph Bogaard of Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition to hear what he has to say about the federal decision and what steps can be taken today to influence decision-makers for a better outcome tomorrow.

To learn more about Save Our Wild Salmon visit: www.wildsalmon.org

Check out their upcoming webinar about orcas and Columbia River salmon.

Talking to your elected officials is an important first step. Contact Washington State Governor Inslee, Senator Patty Murray, and Senator Maria Cantwell.

Read Whale Scout’s letter to Governor Inslee following the federal decision.

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