How Helpin’ Out at Narrows Park will Help Endangered Killer Whales with Eric Guenther

Tune in for the latest news about what’s going on with four new baby orcas born into the Southern Resident community and how your help on April 25th will feed these new little mouths! We’re joined by PenMet Park’s Eric Guenther to tell us all about it!

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Correction – Sharon Grace was mistakenly named as Sharon Nelson, another great advocate for killer whales. Our apologies. 

Special Double Feature on Captivity Issues with Howard Garrett and Anna Gullickson

We’re joined by Howard Garrett to discuss the newly added member of the endangered Southern Residents – Lolita, who lives at the Miami Seaquarium and what the implications of this decision may be for Lolita’s future. Also, Anna Gullickson, floatplane pilot, tells us the story of how she initiated a bill in Washington State to ban cetaceans in captivity.


Lolita at the Miami Seaquarium

Photo: Anne-Marie van Dijk

Jessica Lundin Talks Orca Moms and Babies

Doctoral candidate Jessica Lundin joins us on the Whale Scout Podcast this week to discuss her work studying endangered Southern Resident killer whales using scat (poop) samples.  With the recent disappearance of new calf L120 and the startling lack of surviving calves over the last two years, Lundin’s research gives us insight into what might …

July 25th 2014 Ken Balcomb Talks Navy Sonar and Whales

Ken Balcomb of the Center for Whale Research and featured character of the new book War of the Whales, a True Story by Joshua Horwitz is our special guest!  On this episode of the Whale Scout podcast Ken and I discuss the book and other possible Navy/whale interactions including his thoughts on what might have …

June 25th Dawn Noren Talks about NOAA’s Ten Year Report on Endangered Killer Whales

Listen in to Dawn Noren, NOAA Research Biologist and key author of the hot off the press 10 year report on the research and conservation efforts made to understand and help protect Southern Resident killer whales.  As a researcher, Noren explains what we have learned over the last ten years, what’s surprised her, and what …