Celebrating the theme of “We are Family” we’re taking a deep dive into the social interconnectedness of orcas and exploring concepts of culture both in the behavior of whales and our own diverse relationships with the species. This year we’ll be reading the National Geographic magazine “Secrets of the Whales” edition and “Spirits of the Coast” produced by the BC Royal Museum.

“Spirits of the Coast” is a collection of Indigenous stories, scientific perspectives, poems, and visual art, exploring the world or orcas in the Pacific Northwest. Called the “mastermind of the book,” Nikki Sanchez joins Whitney Neugebauer of Whale Scout and Colleen Weiler of Whale and Dolphin Conservation for an emotional conversation about “Spirits of the Coast” and the current issues facing Indigenous communities in British Columbia.

Join us for a live online community conversation where the public can share their perspectives June 17th. Register here.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

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