Hear from Alexandra Morton, author of Listening to Whales: What the Orcas Have Taught Us. The book chronicles her life and the story of raising a young family following Northern Resident orcas in British Columbia. Beginning studying dolphin communication, then the captive killer whale Corky, and finally Corky’s family in the wild, Alexandra Morton weaves her scientific research and storytelling together in a beautiful book. This is a powerful book for any orca lover.

In the interview Whitney Neugebauer, Whale Scout, and Colleen Weiler, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, explore themes of captivity, motherhood, and conservation. Alexandra Morton also discuss current issues related to salmon farming in British Columbia and teases a new book in the works!

This is the second book of three in the Orca Month Book Club. Check out other interviews Erich Hoyt, author of Orca: The Whale Called Killer at https://youtu.be/W9fOP6Y0ay4 and Monika Wieland Shields, author of Endangered Orcas: The Story of The Southern Residents to be posted June 21st, 2020.

To learn more about Alexandra Morton’s work visit www.alexandramorton.ca Buy the book on Amazon.

To learn more about Orca Month visit www.orcamonth.com.

For more from Whale and Dolphin Conservation go to www.whales.org.

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