The recently published National Geographic series Secrets of the Whales takes a deep dive into the cultural lives of whales. On this episode we learn about culture in Pacific Northwest killer whales (orcas) from Dr. John Ford from his 40+ years of experience. What exactly is culture in animals? Why is it such a contentious topic among scientists? How is culture exhibited in orcas? Plus, Ford examines the potential costs and benefits of culture in a population such as the Southern Residents.

June is Orca Action Month in the Pacific Northwest! Whitney Neugebauer from Whale Scout and Colleen Weiler from Whale and Dolphin Conservation host the Orca Month Book Club. For 2021 we’re reading the National Geographic magazine article “Secrets of the Whales” and the book “Spirits of the Coast.”

Join us for live online community conversations June 10th and 17th. Register here.

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