June 7, 2014 – Orcas return to the San Juans, hear whale vocalizations, and updates from the Director!

Join Whitney as she discusses the last week of awesome orca encounters from San Juan Island including some surface vocalizations caught on tape!  Follow along in the blog post below for photos!  The podcast also features the latest news and upcoming book releases.

New IN STUDIO podcast with David Bain, Killer Whale Scientist and Recovery Leader

We are joined IN STUDIO for a very special show with David Bain, marine mammal biologist, orca expert, environmental educator, and Vice President of Friends of North Creek Forest! Listen in as we talk about why orca lovers should spend more time in the forest and how you can get involved next week at our first ever Whale Scout Helpin’ Out special event!

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New Whale Scout Podcast with Donna Sandstrom, news!


Interview with Donna Sandstrom, plus news and more!
This week we interview Donna Sandstrom from The Whale Trail as she kicks off Orca Tour 2014! Orca Tour will travel from Canada to California with presenter Erich Hoyt. We also talk recent news about the petition to expand Southern Resident killer whale critical habitat to offshore areas of the Pacific coast. Other news from the recent Orca Salmon workshop and the Marine Naturalist gear up on San Juan Island is also discussed. If you love the podcast, please link it elsewhere and help spread the word! Thank you everyone!



New Whale Scout Podcast with Dr. Brad Hanson


Interview with Dr. Brad Hanson, plus news and more
This week we are talking all things orca!  Over the last couple of weeks we have had many sightings of killer whales (orcas) including an unusual visit from our resident group, K pod.  K pod traveled all the way down Puget Sound through the Narrows!  Dr. Brad Hanson, killer whale researcher with NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center, was on the water with K pod that day and is our guest on the show.  Listen as he talks about what K pod may have been doing in Puget Sound along with the latest updates on his research.  Plus, news and upcoming events, including how you can get involved with Whale Scout Helpin’ Out at North Creek Forest on May 10th!  If you love the podcast, please link it elsewhere and help spread the word! Thank you everyone!


Photo Courtesy: Brad Hanson



NEW Whale Scout Podcast!


Interview with Dr. Steven Swartz, plus news and more
Listen in on our first-ever podcast featuring Dr. Steven Swartz, author of the new book “Lagoon Time.”  You can buy this amazing book here.  I had a wonderful time interviewing Dr. Swartz about the San Ignacio Lagoon, gray whale migration, and more!  I will have a blog post and video diary up within a few weeks, so keep checking back!  Also, if you love the podcast, please link it elsewhere and help spread the word! Thank you everyone!

Lagoon Time by Dr. Steven L Swartz